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Cycling Silk moves on to Cyberspace 

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 02:01PM by Registered CommenterLinda McMillan | Comments Off

Cycling Silk was a 10-month, 10-country, 10,000-kilometer biking expedition along the Silk Road between Europe and Asia completed by Melissa Yule and Kate Harris. Their goal was to explore borderland wildernesses along the way, using bikes as vehicles for adventure, research, and environmental advocacy.

Click to show their route through Trans-Boundary Conservation Areas

Nik Lopoukhine sends an update about this incredible project "Cycling Silk" which the IUCN-WCPA Mountains and Connectivity Conservation group has promoted since its inception in 2006. The project was sponsored by The Wild Foundation and IUCN-WCPA, among other groups. It was the inspiration of two young women who wanted to find a way to effectively promote the value of trans-boundary protected areas and wildlife conservation.

A new video trailer now shows the immensity and beauty of that trip.

Please share this extraordinary story with your friends and contacts. We have been told that a book and longer videos about this project are in the planning stage. Congratulations again to Kate and Melissa!

Stay tuned for more information on their book and future movies that will keep promoting trans-boundary conservation for years to come...

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